The Backyard

Back of The Mediterraneo restaurant
Lee and Carol Boyd
3-11pm, Closed Tuesdays

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Randy Hamman: “Lee and Carol Boyd have hit a home run with the new restaurant “The Back Yard”. Truly a Mexican style restaurant with great ambiance located out the back door of the Mediterraneo’ s Restaurant. With style and great food they have put together a great place to have a Margarita with a taco or two and really enjoy a great experience to have your lunch or evening meal. With a huge big screen projector shining upon a wall about 15′ x 20′, a HD clear screen , can provide you with a trip to the Copper Canyon or sit and listen to a fabulous female opera singer. The prices are extremely reasonable with a taco around a 10 pesos, Margarita $33.33 Pesos ($2.35 US) in a pitcher of 6, excellent red and white Argentine wine and all well drinks $40 Pesos ($2.82 US). Lee and Carol have developed an “order here” at the counter type service with a huge menu to choose from. Our dinner, last night, was only a training mission for their staff; it was a special treat with great value. Although the staff needs a little more training, Lee and Carol have done a great job. I recommend you try it and have patience with the newness of the staff, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. The restaurant “The Back Yard” will be opening this Wednesday March 18th. Hours 3-11 p.m. (closed Tuesdays). Review by