Profile: Pan Oli bakery in Loreto

Jul 10, 2011

Submitted by Loni Kao Stark.

Cinnamon Rolls at Pan Oli!

I sneaked a peak into the "back room" of the PanOli bakery this morning as I waited for the flour and yeast creations to arrive in the front shop area.

I discovered the PanOli Bakery (French bakery under the Baja sun) based on a tip last November from our friends Jane and Sharon. Ever since, it has been a regular stop almost every morning we are in Loreto, Baja California Sur. I love their breads and desserts which not only make great breakfast and after dinner treats, but are also the perfect gift when making house calls to friends in Loreto Bay.

Today, on our way to the nursery in town to pick up two more plants for our courtyard area, we passed by PanOli and was disheartened to see it was still closed. On a few occasions, when we visit the bakery, we are met with disappointment. No aromas of fresh baked goods, a gate and door that is shut. It happens rarely, but is not unusual for places to be closed with no apparent reason in Loreto since many are family-owned operations.

For example, I have visited Galeria “La Media Luna” across from ADWA (where we purchased a wonderful mattress on this visit) on three occasions this trip, during the business hours posted, and was met with a locked door and no shop owner in sight…

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