The Loreto Project

Sep 6, 2010

Submitted by Loni Kao Stark.

Candy Cart

Candy Cart by David Valera

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend! The latest 2011 Loreto calendar photo contest entry comes from David Valera.

If you recall, David’s photographs were featured on last year’s Loreto Calendar cover and on one of month pages. (It’s a fun and memorable photo of Del Borracho. Here’s a profile piece I did a while back: Del Borracho Saloon & Grill, Loreto BCS: Worth Missing Your Flight)

David was generous enough to share 25 photos he has taken over the year in Loreto to be considered for the 2011 Loreto Calendar. What became apparent to me while admiring these gorgeous photos is David really has a talent for capturing an instant in time on film. For example, the fisherman flinging his net into the waters, a fleeting moment, immortalized.

You can find more of David’s work at

If you have been following the multitude of photo submissions, you will probably believe as I do that this will be the most breathtaking calendar yet! For those that have not been following along, have no fear. You can catch up by admiring all the photo submissions here.

I have a couple more photo submissions left before I will have shared all the entries I have received this year that made the cutoff deadline of August 31, 2010.

This set of photos will surely convince you to order your calendar today: 2011 Loreto Calendar Order Form

Remember, all net proceeds, like in the past two years, will go to a Loreto charity. This year, the selected non-profit is Eco-Alianza, a Loreto charity which help to promote environmental awareness in the community.

What does net proceeds mean?

It means that besides our actual cost of printing the calendars and shipping charges, all proceeds remaining from the sale of the calendars will go directly to the Loreto charity.

Everyone involved does so as volunteers. Photographers are generous enough to share their photos for use in the Loreto calendars. Little elves in my office workshop spend evenings tallying up orders, checking them twice and shipping out calendars packed with lots of love. Because of this, we can make sure the maximum portion of revenues from the sale of the calendars goes directly to a worthwhile cause.

Thanks everyone for your support. Let’s make year three in this endeavor the best yet.

Tabor Falls

Tabor Falls by David Valera

Sunset Rocks

Sunset Rocks by David Valera

Sunset Bridge

Sunset Bridge by David Valera

Sea Tree

Sea Tree by David Valera

Road To San Javier

Road To San Javier by David Valera


River by David Valera

Prayer Time

Prayer Time by David Valera

Nopolo Clouds

Nopolo Clouds by David Valera

Night Tower

Night Tower by David Valera

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre by David Valera

Mission Tower

Mission Tower by David Valera

Mission San Javier

Mission San Javier by David Valera

Men Who Stare At Goats

Men Who Stare At Goats by David Valera

Loreto Tower

Loreto Tower by David Valera

Loreto Sunrise

Loreto Sunrise by David Valera

Loreto Flashlights

Loreto Flashlights by David Valera


Fisherman by David Valera

Fisher Bridge

Fisher Bridge by David Valera


Citrus by David Valera

Weights & Measures

Weights & Measures by David Valera


Tabor by David Valera

Upper Tabor

Upper Tabor by David Valera

Tabor Sun Flare

Tabor Sun Flare by David Valera