Communications about the public protection of Loreto’s water resources

May 17, 2010

From a new Blog called The Loreto Coastkeeper Journal:

Pam the Loreto Coastkeeper

Pam the Loreto Coastkeeper

The Loreto Coastkeeper is a position that can be looked upon as an impossible job. The Waterkeeper Alliance has determined that the job of a Waterkeeper is one that deals with many aspects and angles. This is the case all over the world. A person has a better chance at putting together the “pieces in the puzzle”, or “connecting the dots” much better than a group of people or an organization has. For this reason a Waterkeeper is a person and not a group.

So as the Loreto Coastkeeper, I am one person who can only do so much. While I realize that there are literally thousands of areas I can focus on, I also realize that it is impossible to do so. Fortunately I do have an outstanding board and staff and even volunteers behind me and these jobs can be tackled by all of us together. I am at this point wanting to see the big picture.

• learn the environmental laws or standards pertaining to development in our municipality’s watersheds
• study each individual project or proposed project for the Loreto area and determine the status of each in terms of what environmental permits were given or have been solicited and at what stage they are in on-site
• learn all about the San Juan Londó aquifer and how it is used as the main fresh water source for Loreto

For entire article and more information, visit The Loreto Coastkeeper Journal.

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