Good news: Tropical Storm Rick misses Baja

Oct 21, 2009

6a00d83451b46269e20120a600ea5a970b‘Rick’ is no longer a cat 5. Now with winds of “only” 65mph, it also looks like it will not hit the Baja. At least not as hard as originally forecast. Now the storm is causing the most problems for cruise ships, and mainland Mexico.

From USAToday:

One of the most powerful storms ever recorded along the Pacific coast of Mexico has lost a lot of its might over the past 24 hours but continues to affect cruise ships in the region.

Tropical Storm Rick — a rare Category 5 hurricane with winds of 180 mph as recently as Sunday — now has maximum sustained winds of just 65 mph. As of 8:00 AM ET, it was 240 miles south-southwest of Cabo San Lucas and heading to the north-northeast at 6 mph.