Supplies Sent To Jimena Victims

Sep 14, 2009


From Al Graichen:

A National City group is collecting donations for victims of Jimena.

The International Community Foundation is working with the Mexican Red Cross to deliver the goods to the thousands left stranded after the Hurricane hit September 2. There was only one fatality reported, but thousands were left homeless and without in the Baja California Sur areas of Lopez Mateos, Campo Rene, Santa Rosalia and Mulege. Another group, the Baja Bush Pilots based out of Arizona, used the Imperial County Airport as a staging area over the weekend. Private planes were loaded with hundreds of pounds of food and supplies. The planes were headed to Mulege. Locals, including County Director of Airports Steve Birdsall and others helped load the planes. Birdsall said the supplies began arriving last Wednesday. Another truckload is expected Tuesday.

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